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Jasmine LaVerne & Co creates timely yet sustainable campaigns at three core stages of brand development and community engagement. We deep dive into our client’s brand story, building a narrative that articulates the why and how of their brand. For brands ready to launch into new markets and Fortune 500 organizations that want to expand their reach, we build solutions that engage, educate, and excite key audiences. 

Public Relations

Strategic Partnerships

Media Relations

Social Listening + Community Engagement

Award Submissions


Growth Strategy + Audience Analysis

Consumer Experience

Content + Editorial Strategy

Digital Marketing Automation


​​Media + Gifting Suites

Event Programming + Speaker Relations

Guest Experience Activations

Retail Set up + Inventory

Solutions for Every Stage


Own the Narrative

Each quarter, our team curates a calendar of events to help you plan marketing and communications initiatives for your brand. You'll find all types of events, from conferences to holidays, as well as pop culture moments and anniversaries of special dates in history.


The Jasmine LaVerne & Co. Culture Calendar is an essential tool for brands to insert themselves into conversations and activities to engage directly with key audiences.

Download the 2022 Culture Calendar

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