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Jasmine Kent
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Meet Jasmine

A change agent at the intersection of pop culture and politics, Jasmine has built a career anchored in relationships, data, and creativity to pioneer a new genre of Public Relations blending Entertainment and Social Impact as a medium to influence action and exchange ideas. Through independent practice, her clients have been featured in Black News Channel, Food and Wine, Black Enterprise Magazine, and Mogul Millennial. 


Jasmine has received recognition by the American Business Women’s Association - Diamonds of South Bay Chapter as the 2020 Young Women Entrepreneur of the Year.  She currently serves as Secretary of the National Urban League Young Professionals.

Meet Jas
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Consulting Services

Hi there, it's Jasmine! Are you interested in working with me? If so, that's great news.


I help emerging leaders and entrepreneurs create brand communications and marketing frameworks to connect, engage, and convert their target audience. 


I'm a huge fan of working with socially responsible companies, advocacy organizations, and social justice advocates to build brands, narratives, and experiences that leave a lasting impression. Is that you? 


Let me help you own your narrative to innovate and elevate and your brand.


Let's get started!

Act On It Logo
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Support Jasmine LaVerne & Co. as it launches its very first crowdfunding cmapaign.


ACT ON IT aims to activate change agents in the Entertainment Industry better known as ARTIVISTS on our collective goal for civil rights and economic equity. Through educational tools and lifestyle products our goal is highlight social justice heros of the yesterday and tomorrow that have bridged the gap between pop culture and politics through entertainment.

On Sale

Own Your Narrative

Want to know what your favorite executive, digital mentors, and business influencers all have in common? Authenticity.


Gone are the days of traditional resumes and cover letters; today, your online presence is your resume. Whether you're seeking career advancement, entrepreneurial success, or industry recognition, your digital footprint speaks volumes. Own Your Narrative equips leaders with the tools to create an online persona that captivates your audience and opens doors to endless possibilities.


By incorporating trending topics and pop culture case studies, Jasmine coaches students, young professionals, and thought leaders on the value of investing in their brand as an employee, entrepreneur, or creative.

What to Expect

  • The Making of a Star: Embracing Your Authentic Self

  • Designing Your Narrative: The Value of a Personal Brand

  • Reaching Your People: Using Digital Media to Your Advantage 

  • Available Online

    2 hr

    From 250 US dollars

Featured Articles

A Social Impact Enterprise

Jasmine LaVerne & Company's driving force is the belief in the inherent dignity and equal rights of every individual. Our commitment to civil rights and justice is unwavering, and we are dedicated to standing up for marginalized communities across the globe. 


As the rate of climate change accelerates with global temperatures rising faster than predicted, Earth will experience more frequent and severe weather events, such as hurricanes, wildfires, and heatwaves, causing widespread destruction and displacement. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that like in many crises’, underrepresented and disenfranchised communities are and will be hit hardest by the effects of climate change. Communities strategically placed near environmental hazards and neglected by local governments face greater exposure to toxic chemicals, food insecurity, and educational barriers that will amplify the social and economic disruptions of global warming.


Beginning in 2025, Jasmine LaVerne and Company commits to donating a portion of its revenue and pro bono hours to support organizations that advocate for action against climate change and environmental justice. Alongside key climate advocates, our company is committed to being on the frontline to ensure that vulnerable populations are protected and their voices are heard in climate policy discussions.

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