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The State of Black Media

Stack of Newspapers

The State of Black Media

February 2022

The State of Black Media

Everyone had high hopes for 2020 – The Roaring 20’s 2.0 was supposed to bring out the best version of ourselves culturally, personally, and professionally.


Sentiments changed in March when Covid-19 hit the United States, suddenly disrupting our everyday lives forcing us to work, connect, and entertain ourselves at home. After months of cultural and political tensions about the government’s pandemic response, a video surfaced of the 8:46 seconds was George Floyd’s executed by law enforcement.


As a society attached to our screens, driven by connection and content, I wanted to connect with some of the best in Entertainment to chat about where Black media stands in America’s cultural lexicon at such a pivotal moment in time.

Black families are bombarded with messages at every angle. According to Nielsen, as a result of the social and political events of 2020, many Black families found new ways to engage with content celebrating Black culture and about Black identity in America.  

Reflecting on the heroes of our past and the social responsibility of people with influence, my guests and I discussed the industries creative renaissance and how to be a good steward of culture.

Who's coming to dinner?

The State of Black Media is part of an ongoing series of dinner conversations with the best minds in Media, Marketing, and Entertainment.

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Created by Jasmine LaVerne



Jameela Jackson

Meosha “Mimi” Davis

Stephen Chew

Ural Garrett


Produced by LaMay Day Productions

Directed by: Sharick LaMay

Produced by: Katherine Bennett

Director of Photography: Malik Baker

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